Old Gazette article from "Operation Goliath"


  • DeeBeDeeBe 55 Posts

    I'd left. Told a few to come with me. But no fucker would listen. There was a weird feeling that night. Hunch was correct. PC Warren Fucking Hedley.

  • ChrisChris South Shields176 Posts

    It was an unbelievable overreaction from the Police like, with even Police dogs on the perimeter so no one could "escape". Thnakfully we were all parked high up the car park so they got sick by the time they got anywhere near us.

    The Gazette should have more articles mentioning us from 2005/2006 but I can't find them online.

  • ashersashers 24 Posts

    We weren't out that night!

  • ChrisChris South Shields176 Posts

    Bet yous were glad about that! 😂

  • mac24mac24 Ireland9 Posts

    I was one of the last to leave it started to rain so I think they gave up..no search no details taken

  • ChrisChris South Shields176 Posts

    Yeah it was taking them forever to search each car. Was a comaplete waste of time tbh.

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